System Development

Installing IT systems with value for convenience and peace of mind!

We plan, develop and manage information systems, and carry out work optimization, standardization and visualization.DAYDO has set up IT infrastructure within its factory over the past few years to improve efficiency and make operations more visible. We have also accumulated a substantial amount of technology and know-how through developing our internal IT system, which has been particularly useful in keeping costs down and being able to quickly adapt to various changes as they occur.

Clarifying manufacturing operations leads to better communication

An electronic terminal (PC or tablet) is provided to our production site workers. This is for the workers to register their work results, inspection results, and shipping results in real time on their own. This makes it possible to visualize the progress from production to shipping, realizing product security by the accumulation of inspection and shipping results. By sharing information equally among managers, supervisors and workers through the visualization of obvious facts such as performance data, this will help to deepen communications and mutual understanding, thereby leading to further improvement.

Machining instruction and shipment inspection system

This is a system that allows you to check drawings and work instructions required for production, conduct web inspections, issue labels, and enter work results and data from inspection and loading work that is required for shipping.

The construction of the previous version of “the electronic manufacturing instruction system” was commended for its achievements and awarded a prize for being one of the “One Hundred Best IT Systems of Kansai in 2016”.

Web inspection system

To ensure the quality of DAYDO products, we have developed our own system for determining the results of product inspections based on the input results. It doesn’t let you move on to the next process unless the correct inspection values are entered, so it helps to control the frequency of human errors in our work. Like the electronic manufacturing instruction system, this system is designed to provide better quality products and create value by utilizing the vast amounts of data collected in real time. We have also successfully proposed this system to our subcontracted suppliers of materials.

It has been about a year and a half since we introduced the Web inspection system. The system has become well-established in the field as well, becoming an indispensable item for our company now. Its role is not only to determine whether a product passes the requirements or not, but also to detect defects in the process and so on, with its use being extended to a wide range of activities including improvement, predictive and preventive activities. With this system, it is clear which items need to be tested, which eliminates the sense of insecurity that we have over “product manufacturing process and results”. As the pass/fail result is generated on the spot, I believe the system has also led to a sense of security on the part of the workers themselves.

Implementing company A
  • We managed to save time in looking for the drawings of the workers.
  • Drawing distribution, control and other indirect work also decreased.
  • By digitizing the data, the need for inspection paper was eliminated, thereby helping to reduce paper consumption.
  • If a value out of the dimensional tolerance is entered during inspection, this will result in an error and an alert will be displayed.
  • By utilizing the inspection data, it is possible to verify the dispersion in the dimensions and inspection time.
Implementing company B

After the implementation of the Web inspection system, the time taken to prepare the checklist and the time taken to verify the checklist in quality control were shortened. The web inspection system provides an alert when there is a system error or when a value out of the tolerance is entered, letting you inspect the system properly as you get unable to end the inspection. Also, I think the system is great as it allows alerts to be tallied easily and shown in a graph at the same time.

Implementing company C