Equipment Manufacturing

Eliminating wasteful time, processes and costs  for more efficient and speedy work!

Production engineering is a part of the product development stage, and it requires knowledge and skills for equipment manufacturing. This is how we can reduce the time taken to set up a production line and use processes with fewer steps, as well as eliminate wasteful time, processes and costs. We have developed equipment that can be used to match scanned bar codes with a database that includes processing methods for several thousand product types. This also enables us to quickly switch between products in high-mix lots.

Achieving the ideal “flow” of production

Achieving the ideal “flow” of production is not based on purchased equipment; rather, it’s our self-manufactured special machinery that enables us to manufacture items in a way that fits our production style, and also provide flexibility in adapting to any changes in the process. Within the vast area of factory production, Production Engineering focuses on eliminating “stagnation” and facilitating speedy, stable and safe manufacturing.

Development of proprietary production technology

We are also taking on the challenge of creating new equipment by applying the technology that we have developed in our in-house production. MACM-Ⅰ products sold currently make use of our machining technology for aluminium extruded materials. With a design that incorporates not only our technological capabilities but our efficient production process as well, it is a product that is expected to be deployed in other companies.