Design and Development

With the speedy development of our technical sales, we strive to create added value and functionality for our customers!

The DAYDO sales, design and development processes for each product is handled by a single person, who is in charge of everything; it is truly a unit of technical sales specialists. We have been raising the skills of our technical sales staff by developing exterior parts with detailed designs, system kitchens and storage equipment with moving parts for the Housing market. Now we are looking to strengthen these skills in the public market as well, by developing products for hotel guest rooms, restrooms in department stores and parking areas, and medical facilities. We are aiming to further develop the skills of our technical sales division so we can offer our customers labor- and energy-saving solutions required in an aging society with a declining birth rate.

We look at our customers’ requests and daily life for hints on what they need

First, we think about what products can make everyday life easier, and focus on daily inconveniences and how to resolve them. Then we flesh out our proposed solutions and come up with a design. We also talk to our customers about what they really need, and then suggest to them a specific and viable design.