Public Products

These are products that help to make more efficient use of space by using moving functions and seeking functional shapes 
from the preferences of those using them in public and commercial facilities.

Medical wagon

A medical cart with a lifting and lowering function that allows you to select the height according to the purpose of use. It is useful for performing desk work at the nurse station or when entering data while standing during an examination and so on. Batteries and cables can be stored in the rotating, small trays. It comes with drawers and removable trays with adequate space for storage.

Folding seat for public use

This stowable seat which can be folded into 2 halves can be installed in the public toilets of train stations, shopping malls etc. A person sitting in a wheelchair can transfer himself or herself easily to the seat, and the height also allows the caregiver to sit down to provide caregiving services. It does not take up space on the wall and is also safe as it opens and closes horizontally on the floor.

Fitting board

A stowable dressing board for toilets which adopts a soft open mechanism to open slowly. The board size makes it easier for parents to kneel down when changing the pants-type diaper of a child. It is ideal as an aid for women to change their stocking. In addition to changing clothes, you can use it for a variety of other purposes, such as storing large luggage in the toilet etc.

Baby chair

This baby chair allows infants to sit down. It can be installed in a small toilet or changing room.