Mechatronics Products

These are equipment and devices packed with technologies and wisdom of factories that are known only to DAYDO due to its intimate knowledge of production sites.

Multi Angle Cutting Machine

Automatic control of cutting angle/speed in cutting machine - The servo motor control allows you to cut aluminum extruded materials at any angle from 30° to 150°. The blade feeding rate and quantity can be set to the conditions that match the cutting material.

3-axis NC control

The gage position, cutting angle and feeding rate of the cutting tool can be controlled numerically. This allows high precision machining and optimal cutting conditions to be set, thereby helping to reduce the man-hours required. In addition, hundreds of thousands of machining data can be registered in advance.

Supporting small lot production 
of a diverse range of products

Equipped with a barcode reader. By linking the machining data to the part number in advance, it is possible to read the part number with a bar code and read the machining data of the part instantaneously. It is possible to save on man-hours required to search for drawings and input machining data.

Safety and Quality

The manually opened/closed cover prevents the operator from coming close to the cutting blade when cutting, and also prevents scrap materials from flying out. If the cover is opened when cutting, the cutting blade will be retracted into the machine to ensure safety. In addition, the opening and closing cover can be stopped at any angle by a damper, which allows it to be used for a variety of work and by workers of different physiques.

Since machining data is input using barcodes, it is possible to reduce machining defects caused by human errors such as misinterpretation of drawings, input errors, etc. In addition, high precision machining by NC control can reduce the variation and improve the dimensional accuracy of the machined work.