Housing equipment – functional products

We also design, develop and manufacture home equipment and devices with moving parts, including products that offer the convenience of mobility in system kitchens and sinks.

Improved convenience of the wall cabinet

Linear-down Box

Linear-down Box is one of the highly responsive systems of storage product line.This system is a height friendly and makes an overhead inventory come down vertically and easily.
The grip bar has a lock function for security.
The storage box is made in aluminum and resin.
Grip the bar and pull it down like drawing an arc. The unit gently comes down vertically.
According the loading weight, the reaction force adjusters at the both sides enable the minimal effort from the user.
For better security, the storage box can be moved only with the lockrelease bar tightly gripped. This function prevents the box's rapid fall/ rise in case the bar is accidentally released.

Pull-down Box

Pull-down Box revolutionizes the way we store and getting hard to reach items from the shelf with easy and convenient access.
The shelf rolls out downwards and outwards by its arm's rotation.
The reaction force adjuster finds the best operation force.
The box is locked and prevents uplifting.Just additional one pull-down releases the lock.

One step pull-down

When the handle is pulled down, the door opens and the storage box comes down at the same time. With a maximum loading capacity of 10 kg, it can be easily lowered with one hand.

Eye level zone product

Pull-down Shelf

This can be used as a temporary storage rack by simply lowering it when necessary. The lower section can also be used as a dish drainer. It can be stowed away neatly when not in use. Hidden under the hanging door.

Quick Box

Things used frequently such as seasonings, plastic wrap, paper towels, etc. can be stored under the hanging door. As the device is installed at eye level (line of sight when standing), it is very useful for taking things out. When not in use, the device can be stowed inconspicuously to keep the area in the kitchen tidy.

Drawer Unit

Pop-up Unit

When the drawer is pulled out, the condiment box rises and the interlocked inner drawer also comes out at the same time.
This helps to reduce unnecessary movements when taking out seasonings and other stored items that are used during cooking.
It does not impose a burden on your waist because crouching movements are eliminated.
You can also carry the condiment box directly to the kitchen counter or table.

One Side In-drawer

In DAYDO, the size of the drawers has been reduced by half.