Housing lifestyle – miscellaneous products

Daily necessities that add functionalities to new living spaces using moving and other functions.


The basket is made in the image of a traditional oil-paper umbrella. Easy to carry around. The end of the post serves as a handle when carrying it around and as a stand when it is stored. When not in use, it can be folded away neatly.

Quick flip

The auxiliary storage box can be easily installed on a hanging cupboard in the kitchen without any construction work by attaching the brackets to the bottom plate of the hanging cupboard and fixing the box with the enclosed hexagonal wrench. The open door makes it an ideal temporary storage shelf for storing small items in the kitchen, vegetables needed for cooking, and prepared ingredients. This helps to maximize space in a small kitchen.


The space under the cabinet can be used to store a weighing scale neatly. As the slidestep is fitted with caster wheels, you can take it out to measure your weight on the spot. Since the main unit is fixed when you step on it, this allows you to measure your weight in a stable state.